What Managers Can Learn about Teamwork from Discovery’s “Dual Survival”

Need some insights on how to foster collaboration between coworkers with clashing styles–say, the family values churchgoer and the vegan yoga enthusiast? One place to get some insights is Discovery Channel’s fabulous survival reality series, Dual Survival.

I’d never recommend you adopt survival techniques from a popular television show, but you can learn about people under duress and what makes them effective. While I am no hardcore woodsman, my sons and I enjoy the outdoors, and on a recent fishing trip Gabriel and I were resting in our tiny upstate NY motel room when we caught our first look at Dual Survival. The show teams up (it was concepted this way) two bushcraft gurus with different cultures and styles: Cody Lundin, an off-the-grid “wilderness hippie,” and Dave Canterbury, an ex-sniper, “military guy” survival specialist. Unusual for me, I fell in love with the show on the spot. [CONTINUE READING]

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