Why Your Job Has An Expiration Date

Welcome to the 21st century workplace where every job, including yours, is temporary. New realities have led to a fundamentally and permanently changed corporate environment, and the sooner you accept these new realities and manage your work and team accordingly, the better off you will be.

That is the message of a guide offering detailed scripts for handling dozens of the toughest situations at work, authored by bestselling author, and veteran life coach and career expert Stephen Pollan and his coauthor Mark Levine: Workscripts: Perfect Phrases for High-Stakes Conversations (Wiley 2011). (Disclosure: I was Stephen and Mark’s editor in the early 2000s at HarperBusiness).

The authors fatefully pin the year of the transition to the beginning of the Great Recession: “In 2008 the workplace changed forever, forcing me to rethink and revise all the office communications advice I’ve been offering over the years.” Pollan concluded that “five elements” are driving the new workplace.

Read more: http://www.bnet.com/blog/best-business-books/why-your-job-has-an-expiration-date/647#ixzz1QUCX2Eyr

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