Worried About Jobs and Outsourcing? These Books Will Help

The bad news about the unemployment rate uptick to 9.1% spurs the question: are corporations under investing in the American worker? After all, capital markets and corporate profits are recovering faster than paychecks and people.

It’s true that new improvements in process redesign and advanced technology have delivered more productivity during the recession, squeezing more output from fewer staff, while managers learn to function with uncomfortably low staffing levels. As of the first quarter of 2011, output productivity was up over 3 percent for the economy from last year, and 10 percent for durable manufacturing!

Still millions of workers fear for their jobs, and managers are concerned about maintaining productive teams and employee morale when key pillars of job security are damaged or missing. Workforce turnover is high, wage growth is elusive, and companies continue to move millions of jobs and major operations overseas. National surveys identify outsourcing as a source of public fear and anger that few companies address. [CONTINUE READING]

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