3 Steps to a Great Strategy

Anyone who has spent any time on the overblown, abstract mission statements or the tired PowerPoint slides will appreciate the new book, Good Strategy, Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt. An academic and management consultant, Rumelt does for corporate strategy what those therapists on The Learning Channel do for problem hoarders. Rumelt shows how to throw out the “Sunday words ” and cut through the data to identify and develop an effective strategy.

Rumelt’s method for writing strategy will be sweet succor to anyone staring at a mountain of business documents in search of a way forward. I know he’s already helped me. (In my last post, I wrote about Rumelt’s four signs of a bad strategy.)

Rumelt also identifies what constitutes a good strategy, and he says all good strategies share the same “kernel.” A good strategy “may consist of more than the kernel,” Rumelt says, but it must include one: “once you apprehend this kernel, it is much easier to create, describe, and evaluate a strategy.” [READ MORE]….

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